How the

Managing Menopause Blueprint Restores a Happy, Energetic Life Filled With Family and Fun

How the Managing Menopause Blueprint Restores a Happy, Energetic Life Filled With Family and Fun

Even if nothing else has worked

Get My "Managing Menopause Blueprint" for Only $17 USD!

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In this Instantly Downloadable PDF, You'll Learn:

  • All the “Fun” Menopause Symptoms and How They Can Impact Your Life in Mysterious Ways

  • How to Manage Mood Swings & Even Out Your Mood Using Only Natural Methods

  • How to Reliably Clear Out Brain Fog

  • How to Get Productive Help from your Doctor and Ask the Right Questions

  • Tricks to Eating and Why Fat & Your Favorite Foods aren’t the Enemy

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For a Limited Time, get my

"Managing Menopause Blueprint"


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In this Instant Access Video Series, I Will:

✅ Walk You Through Your New "Managing Menopause Blueprint"

✅ Dive Deeper into Each Aspect of Menopause

✅ Show You How to Manage Pesky Symptoms, and

✅ Get You Closer to the Happy and Energetic Life You Deserve

What Customers Say...


"My menopause symptoms were really dragging me down. I felt awful some days. I just didn’t feel like myself.

I realized I wasn’t alone and there were things I could do to feel better. It made quite a difference. I got myself back, I got my energy back, I got my self-confidence back and I’m doing what I love to do."

- Yanick


"Menopause is not just physical symptoms. There’s psychological, psychosocial. There’s so much going on!

This has been super empowering. I used to think menopause was like a boat being tossed about by the waves. Now I’ve put my hands on that ship’s wheel and charting a course to feeling better. I’ve changed my perspective from powerless to empowered.”

- Teri


"If I knew then what I know now, I would have paid five times as much to see this much change in my life.

Change takes effort - not necessarily a lot of effort, but a little bit, every day and it's easier with support."

- Joan

Who is...

Dr. Michelle Gordon

Empowering Your Menopause Journey:

Meet Dr. Michelle Gordon

As a seasoned General Surgeon with two decades under her belt, Dr. Michelle Gordon never thought she'd be an alien in her own body.

Yet, when menopause blindsided her with unpredictable hot flashes, relentless belly fat, and rollercoaster moods, even her extensive medical expertise felt inadequate.

But instead of surrendering to the storm, Dr. Gordon took the helm. Embracing a blend of rigorous self-experimentation and her medical acumen, she emerged not just unscathed but invigorated, celebrating:

√ A triumphant 50-lb weight loss

√ Balanced, harmonious moods

√ Rediscovered joy in every day

√ Recognized and LIKED who she was becoming

Her transformative journey ignited a fresh mission: to ensure no woman felt isolated or defeated by menopause.

As the author of "Managing Menopause: The Ultimate Menopause Guidebook" and co-author of "Menopause Movement: Recipes for Living," Dr. Gordon offers actionable insights, nourishing recipes, and a lifeline to those navigating these uncharted waters.

She's not just an author, though. Dr. Gordon is the visionary behind the 28-Day MENO-Belly Challenge and The MENO System—innovative, life-changing programs that have helped countless women reclaim vitality and joy from the clutches of menopause.

Yanick S. shares, "I got myself back, my energy, my self-confidence... and I'm now doing what I love."

A highly sought-after speaker, Dr. Gordon's message resonates deeply: Menopause isn't an end but a magnificent beginning.

With her guidance, many, like Teri, have transformed from feeling "powerless to empowered," grabbing their ship's wheel and confidently charting a course toward wellness and happiness.

Join Dr. Gordon on this transformative journey and discover why so many women now view menopause not as a challenge but as the best time of their lives.

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